Amorphous Alloy

Material, information and energy are the three main elements of modern technology, in among which the material is the most basic one. Amorphous metal, due to its high strength, good corrosion resistance, toughness, excellent electromagnetic properties, high resistivity, good wear resistance, thermal expansion coefficient of small outstanding physical and chemical properties show strong development potential, is regarded as the most valuable new materials for the 21st Century.

Amorphous alloy material is one of the super-materials which will lead the future high-tech competition. It has important application prospects in medical, consumer electronics, aerospace, biomedicine, precision machinery and others. It may gradually replace existing materials. Eontec gets involved in the research of liquid metal industry early, and master the liquid metal products in materials, processes, equipment and other aspects of the core technology.

Eontec has made a series of achievements in the amorphous area. Eontec has authorized three patents in amorphous areas, and 15 patens are in applying procedure.

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