Biodegradable Mg-Alloy Implant

Biodegradable magnesium alloys as a new generation of biomedical materials have many advantages over traditional materials, in line with the development trend of biomedical materials. It can be used for the development of unique new medical devices. Its clinical applications will have a milestone in the development of biomedical materials.

In 2008, the National Natural Science Foundation approved the establishment of the "revolutionary medical metal materials" third-generation engineering research center, invested 18 million US dollars for degradable metal implant materials research. The project proposed to develop degradable magnesium alloy orthopedic implants products, is the current international research and development related areas of hot spots, and has proved to have good feasibility, is expected to achieve short-term clinical application of degradable magnesium alloy.

Research clinical trial has been in the Zhongshan Hospital of Dalian University has been carried out nearly 3 years, the number of cases of more than 100 cases, indications: femoral head necrosis bone graft surgery fixing, phalanx fracture fixation and other fracture fixation. Clinicians and patients speak highly of it.

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